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InfoTech conference

2020 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Conference Program 2019

Software Reliability – Does it Exist?

Prof. Dmitry Maevsky, D.Sc.

Odessa National Polytechnic University


Information Technologies

Complex Management in Temporal Databases

Michal Kvet, Ph.D., Prof. Karol Matiasko, Ph.D.

University of Zilina


Information Technologies

Study and Analysis of the .Net Platform-based Technologies for Working with the Databases

Irakli Basheleishvili, Avtandil Bardavelidze, Khatuna Bardavelidze

Akaki Tsereteli State University, Georgian Technical University


Information Technologies

Adaptive Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Hierarchical Scheduling Problem

Olga Evgenievna Semenkina, Eugene Aleksandrovich Popov, Olga Ernestovna Semenkina

Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology


Information Technologies

Managing Uncertainty in Ontology Mapping in e-Learning Context

Tatyana Ivanova

College of Energy and Electronics at the Technical University of Sofia


Information Technologies

Sentiment Detection from ASR Output

Ivan J. Tashev, Dimitra Emmanouilidou

Microsoft Research Labs

Redmond, WA, USA

Information Technologies

Attract the Students’ Interest with the Use of Videos for the Teaching of the “Acid-Bases-Salts” Module

A. Thysiadou, A. Solomanidou, S. Christoforidis

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Library of Technological Education Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Kavala


Information Technologies