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InfoTech conference

2019 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Creating an Electronic Magazine in Wordpress for Promoting the Practical Training of Students

Dimitrios Liarokapis
Vasilios Papigiotis
Eleftherios Stergiou
Christos Gogos
Technological Education Institute of Epirus, Arta

The report presents ideas and experiences in creating an electronic magazine for exposing knowledge and skills acquired during the practical training of students. We present the rational on relying on a Content Management System such as WordPress to set up a dynamic site where students can create articles with topics related to their practical training that would appear in public after a review process that would include their work and college supervisors. The benefits of such an endeavour could be multifold; students will be improving their writing and reporting skills, instructors will be gaining insights on the activities students are facing when entering the marketplace and employers will be gaining visibility in college settings that could help them attract prospective employees or establish synergies with the technological institutions.

Key words:
electronic magazine
students’ practical training