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InfoTech conference

2019 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Economic Considerations in the Use of Cloud Computing in the Technical Wholesale

Andreas Pescholl
Haustechnik Handels-GmbH, Treuen

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important as it is recognizable in the growing market of services in the IT infrastructure, development platforms and software sectors. For companies in the technical wholesale sector, this results in new opportunities to reorient their IT needs. The central assessment criterion here is the economic benefits that arise from the use of cloud offerings in comparison to the acquisition and operation of company-owned it. A comprehensive assessment by the company includes both quantitative and qualitative factors, which suggests an enhanced cost-benefit analysis for cloud computing. For this reason, these contributions formulate approaches that enable a cost-effectiveness view of cloud computing in enterprise use and support the comparison to the acquisition and operation of company-owned systems.

Key words:
Selection processes
System evaluation
IT solutions