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InfoTech conference

2019 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Investigating Binaural Localisation Abilities for Proposing a Standardised Testing Environment for Binaural Systems

Sebastian Chandler Crnigoj
Karl O. Jones
David Ellis
Paul Otterson
Stephen Wylie
Liverpool John Moores University
United Kingdom

Binaural sound systems are a growing industry in the upcoming age of three-dimensional (3-D) technology. While many commercial and home systems are entering the market, there is no clear method of determining their suitability for different applications, such as gaming, movies and so on. Thus, a standardised methodology for testing such systems is proposed which evaluates and compares new and existing binaural microphone array systems. The implicating factors which determine the location of a sound, and methods of capturing such sounds, have been identified. A testing and comparison methodology is proposed based on data collected. The proposed methodology provides quantitative and qualitative comparisons to determine the function and suggested application of any given binaural sound system.

Key words:
Audio technology
microphone arrays
sound localisation