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InfoTech conference

2019 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Operational Cyber-Threat Intelligence Supported by Artificial Intelligence Methods

Roumen Trifonov
Slavcho Manolov
Radoslav Yoshinov
Georgi Tsochev
Sergey Nedev
Galya Pavlova
Technical University of Sofia
Association EDIBUL
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The present paper describes some of the results obtained at Technical University of Sofia in the implementation of project related to the application of intelligent methods for increasing the security in computer networks. The analysis of the feasibility of various Artificial Intelligence methods has shown that a method that is equally effective for all stages of the Cyber Intelligence cannot be identified. While for Tactical Cyber Threats Intelligence has been selected and experimented a Multi-Agent System, the Recurrent Neural Networks are offered for the needs of Operational Cyber Threats Intelligence.

Key words:
Cyber Threats Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Behavior Assessment
Neural Networks
Sequential Feature Selection