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InfoTech conference

2020 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Extending an Open Source Learning Management System (Open eClass) as a Student Project

Dimitrios Liarokapis
Dimitrios Exarhos
Constantinos Tsibanis
Lazaros Merakos
University of Ioannina, P&I Hellas

Learning management systems (LMS) are predominant in supporting all levels of education. Many educational institutions rely on open source systems that are free. Even though such systems are mature enough, there is a constant need to be extended. In this work, we present our experiences and lessons learned in attempting to extend an open source e-learning system, Open eClass that is widely used in Greece, in the context of a student project. We expect that our work will help toward forming a framework for facilitating community contributions to open source e-learning systems such as Open eClass.

Key words:
Learning Management Systems
Open eClass