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InfoTech conference

2021 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Genetic Algorithm for Synthesis of Binary Signals with Optimal Autocorrelation

Mihail Iliev
Nikolay Nikolov
Miroslav Dimitrov
Borislav Bedzhev
University of Ruse
State Agency of National Security
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
NMU “V. Levski”

The binary phase manipulated signals, whose auto-correlation functions have small side lobes, are named optimal, as they have a critical role for many types of radio communication systems. With regard to this situation, in the paper we present a genetic algorithm for synthesis of such signals with length N=256. On its base an exhaustive computer search has been conducted. As a result, several unknown until now binary signals with length N=256 and optimal auto – correlation functions have been found.

Key words:
digital signal processing
binary signals with optimal auto – correlation functions
genetic algorithm