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InfoTech conference

2021 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

A Method for Synthesis of Nearly Ideal Phase Manipulated Signals

Mihail Iliev
Borislav Bedzhev
Monika Bedzheva
Plamen Yanakiev
University of Ruse
NMU “V. Levski”
Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen

The radio signals, whose auto-correlation functions resemble the Dirac’s delta function, are named ideal, as they have a critical role for many types of radio communication systems. With regard to this situation, in the paper we substantiate a new method for synthesis of phase manipulated signals the periodic auto-correlation functions of which are practically ideal. The positive features of signals, synthesized by the method, are: dense and infinite set of possible lengths and simple practical implementation.

Key words:
digital signal processing
nearly ideal phase manipulated signals