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InfoTech conference

2022 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Application of Image Analysis Techniques for Quality Assessment of Swiss-type of Cheese

Atanaska Bosakova-Ardenska
Angel Danev
Petya Boyanova
Peter Panayotov
Department of Computer Systems and Technologies, University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv
Department of Milk and Dairy products TechnologyUniversity of Food Technologies, Plovdiv

This paper presents an application of techniques for images analysis in order to assess quality of Emmental cheese. The software ImageJ is used for processing the images of cheese samples. A statistical analysis is performed in order to evaluate how even is distribution of areas with gas holes on the cut surface of Emmental cheese. The factor of even gas holes distribution is defined. Experts’ estimation is used for comparison with results of images analysis and the results are encouraging.

Key words:
cheese quality
gas holes distribution
image processing
statistical analysis