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InfoTech conference

2022 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Approaches for Implementation of Golay’s Complementary Signals and Welti’s Quaternary Signals in Radio-Communication Systems

Mihail Iliev
Borislav Bedzhev
Monika Bedzheva
Kaloyan Kanchev
University of Ruse
NMU “V. Levski
Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen

The Golay’s complementary signals (GCSs) and Welti’s quaternary signals (WQSs) possess ideal correlation properties, which allow very effective exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Due to these reasons, GCSs and WQSs have been intensively researched during the past sixty years, but up to now the relations between these signals are not systematically explored. Accounting this situation in the paper a rigorous proof of the GCSs and WQSs equivalency from the point of view of their implementation in the radio-communication systems is substantiated.

Key words:
Golay’s complementary signals
Welti’s quaternary signals