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InfoTech e-conference

31st International Conference on Information Technologies

Conference Processes

InfoTech Conference is a virtual event based on remote access to the accepted reports (after preliminary reviewing) and on-line discussion via Internet (see web site sections  Conference Program and Visiting). All positive nominated reports after this discussion will be published in Proceedings. The main steps of the conference process are listed below.

Deadline: 30 May

Sending the Application & Article (full paper in English) – please, visit section Submission to download the TEMPLATE and Application Form.

Deadline: 30 June

Preliminary scientific reviewing of the submissions by members of the International Program Committee. Each participant will receive by e-mail the result from the reviewing and the final decision for the participation (acceptance or rejection). Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality – you could see the Review Form hear (PDF or DOC).

Deadline: 20 July

Registration for participation in e-Conference – each author with positive decision for participation must make the follow:

  • Sending revised paper (final version in camera-ready form);
  • Sending filled in Registration Form;
  • Participation Fee payment.
Participation Fee for 1 report is 80 BGN (40 EUR) and the charge for each additional report is 40 BGN (20 EUR). The fee includes Proceedings development, postage, dissemination and sending to EBSCO databases. VAT is included.
From 15 August

All received final versions of the accepted papers with participation fee payment will be included in the section for discussion (Conference Program and Visiting) on the Conference web site. The published papers will be accessed via Internet and the visiting and distance discussion could be started.

20-21 September

Finalization of the on-line discussion and summarisation of the obtained results and assessments. Final decision about acceptance of proposed papers and their publishing in the Proceedings (ISSN 1314-1023).

25 September – 15 November

Development of the Conference Proceedings with all accepted papers with participation fee payment which are nominated after the on-line discussion by positive conclusion. A copy of the publication will be posted to the registered participants. The Proceedings will be published in the section “Last Proceedings” of the conference web site. The Organizing Committee could propose selected articles to be submitted after extension for eventual publishing in the International Journal on Information Technologies and Security (ISSN 1313-8251,

The Proceedings (ISSN 1314-1023) will be spread over 20 libraries in all over the World. The electronic version of the publications will be included in the scientific databases of the EBSCOHost (USA).