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InfoTech conference

2020 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Discovering Business Process Map of Most Frequent Running Cases in Event log

Mohsen Mohammadi
Esfarayen University of Technology

Recently, in the area of business information systems, process mining is widely considered as a new paradigm focusing on the extraction of knowledge to build event logs from data which are recorded in process aware information systems. The purpose of the mining process is to extract information about business processes and process discovery is one of the most challenging process mining tasks. Moreover, From the event logs, the complete process model is often too complicated to understand by business users for discovering behavioral patterns and analyzing business processes. In this paper a method is presented to discover process model of most frequent running case in event log using bupaR framework in R studio. A scenario example has been applied to show the applicability of the approach. The result shows that the local process model is less complicated and easy readable process model to discover the behavioral patterns.

Key words:
Process mining
Process discovery
Local process model
behavioral patterns