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InfoTech conference

2022 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Real-time Velocity Based Cloth Simulation with Ray-tracing Collision Detection on the Graphics Processor

Tzvetomir Vassilev
Department of Informatics and IT, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, University of Ruse

This paper describes a technique for cloth simulation entirely implemented on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The cloth model is based on a mass-spring system with Verlet integration. It uses velocity modification approach for both correcting the over-elongated springs and responding to collisions. The collision detection method uses ray tracing which is hardware accelerated on NVidia RTX graphics card. As a result dressing a virtual garment on a human body takes about 0.4 seconds. The simulation of layers of cloth draping on a rigid object is demonstrated in the results section.

Key words:
GPU computing
Mass-spring system