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InfoTech conference

2024 International Conference on Information Technologies

Calibration and distortion compensation algorithms of digital cameras used in UAV

Tedora Petrova
Marin Marinov
Zhivo Petrov
The paper presents algorithms for calibrating and correcting the distortions of a digital photo camera on board the UAV in order to reduce the distortions in the obtained images, which provides a more accurate analysis of details. A model of the main internal parameters of the camera is presented, supplemented with the distortion coefficients, and a procedure for external calibration and self-calibration of the camera to determine the optimal values of these parameters. A genetic algorithm is proposed for minimizing the objective function, image correction, and calibrating and correcting camera distortions. The results show that using the proposed algorithm, the reduction of pixel bias is more than 100 times, and the obtained estimates of the internal parameters are close to the real ones and can be used to correct the distortions.
Key words: