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InfoTech conference

2024 International Conference on Information Technologies

Technical University of Sofia


Technical University of Sofia is a major educational research and development complex offering highly qualified trainers, engineers and technical staff, with modern laboratory facilities and considerable capacities for experimentation and production. TU-Sofia is the largest higher engineering school in Bulgaria with long years of experience in training engineers. Fifty five thousand are the engineers who have graduated and with the knowledge and skills acquired here have contributed to the development of Bulgarian industry.

TU-Sofia is a successor to the Higher Technical School in Sofia which opened doors in 1942 and which was renamed to State Polytechnic in 1945. It laid the foundations of four different higher institutes of education that exist to the present day and one of them is TU-Sofia established in 1953.

The structure of the TU-Sofia includes 14 faculties, several departments, one college (College of Energy and Electronics) and other units where students are trained and scientific research is conducted. The University has a branch in the city of Plovdiv with two faculties and a college and also an affiliated unit in the town of Sliven comprising one faculty and one college.


TU-Sofia trains specialists in degree engineering courses essential for the industrial development. Contemporary engineering trends in mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, power generation, transport, automation, computer science and telecommunications, textile engineering, industrial management are taught at the Technical University. It also offers its students the opportunities of taking a degree course in engineering in a foreign language (German, English, French) and, in addition, a second degree course at the respective faculty; as well as further training at the Open Faculty. Over 800 highly qualified lecturers train the students in all educational-qualification and academic degrees: Professional Bachelor, Bachelor, Master, and PhD. The educational process provides high quality professional and language training which makes for its international recognition. All degree courses are accredited and continue to be part of the accreditation cycle of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

An important role for increasing the level of teaching, scientific and applied research activities of the Technical University of Sofia is played by the University's cooperation with large transnational companies such as Siemens, Eriksson, Microsoft, Daimler/Benz, etc.

The Technical University of Sofia enjoys close working relationships with more than 50 universities in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The University is a member of prestigious European and world organisations and participates in various projects under EU, UNESCO and NATO programmes. Owing to the diversity and high quality of the education it provides and the research activities it carries out the Technical University of Sofia is among the leading universities in the common educational and research area of united Europe.

Technical University of Sofia
8, Kl. Ohridski Str., Sofia 1000, BULGARIA
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