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InfoTech conference

2024 International Conference on Information Technologies

Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Communication (CEEC)


CEEC is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit professional association – part of the civil society, Member of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria. Members of CEEC are more than 1200 graduated engineers, scientists from the Technical Universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, specialists and managers in factories and firms, students and post-graduate students, organized in clubs and national scientific-technical divisions, devoted to the electrical engineering industry, electronics, telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility, acoustics etc. The collective members include more than 50 firms, establishments and organizations in this field.

CEEC publishes an authoritative scientific journal – “ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS” and Information Bulletin. The union organizes regular international and national scientific- technical events, such as the Int. Symp. on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies /“SIELA”/, the Int. Conf. on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power systems /”ELMA”/, the Int. Conf. “TELECOM”, the National Conf. with international participation on the Earth-Sun interaction, acoustics etc.

Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Communication (CEEC)
108, Rakovsky Str. Sofia 1000, Bulagaria
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