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InfoTech conference

2024 International Conference on Information Technologies

Union of Scientists in Bulgaria


The USB is a non-governmental organization (civil society organization) unifying 4000 members on a voluntary basis - scientists, higher education lecturers, experts working in all fields of science. It is a non-profit body registered according to the Bulgarian law for juridical persons.


The USB is structured around units, built on research-field and geographical-area principles: Sections (29) in Sofia and Branches (24) in the country. USB has also several corporate members – Bulgarian Scientific Societies. The USB headquarters are in the capital – Sofia, 6 more offices operate in the country. USB has its own printing house in Sofia.

USB owns and manages a conference centre on the Black Sea coast near Varna named the "Fr. Joliot-Curie" International Home of Scientists (HIS). The building of the IHS is situated in a park, about 200m from the beach. It offers 5 meeting halls, 100 hotel rooms (with view to the sea and the park), restaurant (with summer terrace) and all facilities for meetings up to 300 people. More than 50 events are hosted annually.

Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
39, Madrid Blvr. Sofia 1505, Bulgaria
Web site: