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InfoTech conference

2019 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

An Approach to the Training of Medical Lab Technicians for the Efficient Use of Diverse IT Systems

Georgios Christoforidis
Meropi Themistokleous
Technical University of Sofia
Cezanne HR Software Developer

Abstract: This paper investigates the implementation of an on-line extendable content management platform for the training of medical personnel in the use of IT systems. The need for this tool arises from the current state of limited cooperation between medical labs, hospitals and their personnel. Moreover the slow adaptation of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) in any industry contributes to the need for a central repository of knowledge. The paper then moves to the importance of human factors in these types of training. The proposal also builds on leading research in the psychology of learning especially for adult and experienced professionals. Finally the document suggests the use of a content management system (CMS) that can be extended to include e-learning attributes in order to support the technical side of this endeavour.

Key words:
critical systems
adult learning
professional training