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InfoTech conference

2020 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

Improving the Efficiency of IDPS by Using Hybrid Methods from Artificial Intelligence

Georgi Tsochev
Roumen Trifonov
Radoslav Yoshinov
Slavcho Manolov
Galya Pavlova
Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies, Technical University of Sofia
Laboratory of Telematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The present paper describes some of the results obtained in the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technology at Technical University of Sofia in the implementation of project related to the application of intelligent methods for increasing the security in computer networks. Also is made a survey about existing hybrid methods, which are using several artificial intelligent methods for cyber defense. The paper introduces a model for intrusion detection systems where multi agent systems are the bases and artificial intelligence are applicable by the means simple real-time models constructed in laboratory environment.

Key words:
multi-agent systems
artificial intelligence
network and information security
intrusion detection system
intrusion prevention system