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InfoTech conference

2022 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies

A Survey of Periodic Binary Nearly Perfect Signals with Lengths N≡0mod4

Mihail Iliev
Borislav Bedzhev
Nikolay Nikolov
Kaloyan Kanchev
University of Ruse, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation
NMU “V. Levski”, Faculty of Artillery, Air-Defense and CIS
State Agency of National Security, Sofia
Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, Faculty of Technical Sciences

In the paper the results of our survey of periodic binary nearly perfect signals with lengths N≡0mod4 are presented. These signals possess autocorrelation functions, which have both the possibly smallest quantity and magnitude of side lobes and, due to this reason, they are named nearly perfect. A very important positive feature of the periodic binary nearly perfect signals is the possibility to be processed by the so-called side lobes suppression filters with very small losses in the signal-to-noise ratio. The results, obtained in the paper, could be useful in development of different types of radar sensors and radio-synchronization devices.

Key words:
digital signal processing
periodic binary nearly perfect signals