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InfoTech conference

2024 International Conference on Information Technologies

Multi-aspect modelling of services for disability students in a smart city context

Todorka Atanasova Glushkova
Dimitar Kostadinov Stoyanov
Department of Computer Thechnologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”
The development of complex services in cyber-physical spaces, including various intelligent systems such as transport, clean environment etc., require a preliminary process of modeling and verification. The paper proposes one such multi-aspect approach to modeling a service for students with respiratory difficulties in the context of the "smart city" Cyber-Physical Space. The presented approach can be applied to the modeling of various services, which determines the need for the development of a unified platform for context modeling regarding different aspects of the modeled objects.
Key words:
Cyber-Physical Space
Ambient-Oriented Modelling
Interval and Temporal Logic I.